Easy Phone Track troubleshooting

The logs generated on the tracked phone are not sent immediately to the server. The logs are saved on the phone and they get sent, as a general rule, towards our server on an hourly basis.
If the Internet connection is not available at that point, the process of sending the logs will be re-taken once it will become available thus avoiding the loss of log files.
You can modify the time span between two sending processes up to a minimum of 15 minutes for the application to send logs to the server. To set it to 15 minutes you need to log in to your account and on Phone settings select Time interval for sending data to the server. Even like this you will still not see the logs on the server instantaneously.

If you can't see recent logs in your account you can perform these checks:
a) Check if the Internet connection is enabled on the tracked phone. Also make sure that the airplane mode is disabled.
b) Check if the application is installed and running. For this, you should go to the Settings menu and check if you can find the application within the Running Services list or under Manage Applications.
c) Restart the tracked phone
d) Choose a smaller time interval for the data to be sent to the server. After you login, go to Account (left side menu) > Phone settings > set the time interval for sending data to the server to 15 mins.

Please keep in mind that, at some point, the Android operating system can prevent our application from sending data to our server by stopping the service. In such case, if no data can be sent for 2 days, the application will automatically restart the needed component and all the information that was gathered during this period will be sent towards our server.
If you prefer not to wait that long, you can restart the application manually. You would need to reinstall the same .apk file used during the previous installation. By reinstalling the file you will not lose any data and the processes will start working again when you will start the application.

After completing the registration of the application for the first time, it is normal to find activities from the past (like a SMS or MMS). The database is empty and some data from the phone's archive must be inserted so it can be compared with the new data.

If you cannot log in to your account there can be two possible reasons:
a) You could have introduced a wrong password. Check again and rewrite your password. If you can't still log in, try to recover your password here.
b) You could have introduced your email wrong when you installed the application. Please contact our support department and provide the details like phone number or MAC address and your email address.

If the map is not shown, check if there are GPS logs. If there are no GPS logs, the map will not be shown.

This isn't an issue of our application and it is shown when calls are made through software like VoIP (-1) or for calls made with private number (-2). No other app could determine the real phone number.

For some countries, the phone number of the SIM card inserted in the tracked phone can't be determined. This is an issue that is strictly related with the mobile phone operator.

Please check if you have installed on your device apps like task killer, antivirus or antispy. In this case, please uninstall these apps or add Easy Phone Track to the white list.

To track messages from Facebook, Viber, Line and Skype on Android you need to have ROOT access. You can track those messages even without ROOT access but you need to enable notification access and accessibility access.
You can find more details on this article Root Info.

If the phone has ROOT access and you are not able to view the logs, please check the SuperUser or SuperSu settings. Normally, you will see an interrogation that gives you the option to give ROOT access to our application or not. If you are not selecting an option in approximately 8 seconds, then you might encounter issues. Please set the SuperUser or SuperSu application to give Root access to Easy Phone Track by default, without interrogation.

The accuracy of the GPS logs depends strictly on the phone's GPS accuracy. Please make sure the GPS receiver is enabled in Phone Settings and that the tracked phone is not in a building or tunnel with low GPS signal. We strongly recommend you to have the Internet connection enabled in order to have more accurate GPS location logs.

Our application tracks only the activity on the default browser, Chrome and S-Browser for Android devices and Safari for iOS devices. Also it doesn't track pages opened in private mode.

By default, our application records the contacts added after the installation. You could create a list with all your contacts just by sending an SMS command. You can find more information in our article Live Control.

If the phone runs Android 4.4 KitKat or Android 5.1 Lollipop then the SMS commands will be displayed. This is a limitation of the operating system. You can find more information regarding customizing SMS command in this article.

The SMS must be identical with the customized SMS commands. Please be aware that commands are case sensitive and check also for any extra characters or symbols.

Please check the Android version of your device. Unfortunately, if it is running on an Android version between 4.4 KitKat and 5.1 Lollipop, this command will not work, due to a limitation of the operating system.

Please check for other tracking applications or applications for recording the calls installed on the target phone. If this is the case, please uninstall the other apps in order for our application to work properly.

This might be an issue caused by the audio drivers of the device. You can try to change the playing rate of the audio file or you could upgrade your device's Android version. For more information regarding changing the audio playing rate, please check this article.

By default, our application will try to record both voices: the one from your microphone and the one from the other person's microphone. Even so, some devices can only record the voice from the microphone, due to some limitations of the device's audio drivers.
Please check if there are Bluetooth devices or headphones connected to the tracked device. There might be an incompatibility between these and the target phone.

Some operating systems can have issues when generating the triggers for the phone calls, so there can be unregistered calls. Please try to upgrade your device's operating system.

The process of recording calls can be stopped by the operating system or by a task killer app. This issue can be easily fixed by placing the process of call recording in foreground. You would need to choose to show the notification of our application in the notification bar. In this way the problem will be resolved.