Easy Phone Track by number | Terms of Service

Easy Phone Track by number | Terms of Service

All Easy Phone Track by number users are required to accept all terms listed here, along with the User Legal Agreement when creating an account.


The following terms (us / we / our) refer to the owners and operators of this site (easyphonetrack.com) and to the mobile software (available for any device with Android system and any iOS device, this includes iPhone and iPad).
The following term (you) refers to the visitor of the website / the person which is registering and using our Easy Phone Track by number mobile application.
By visiting /accessing this website or by installing / running / using the present mobile software you are expressing your acknowledgment and acceptance of the hereby terms of use. These terms of use may change without prior notice. If you continue to visit/ use the site / software after the changes, you acknowledge and accept the changes. Please regularly consult these terms of service for any changes.


By downloading and installing this application you guaranty you are at list 18 years old. Easy Phone Track by number was not developed to be invisible/ undetectable. Easy Phone Track by number software is designed for ethical monitoring of underage children by their parents or legal guardians and for companies that want to monitor their employee’s activity by tracking phones owned by the company. You must inform the phone user about the fact that his/her phone is being tracked.
In order to install Easy Phone Track by number physical access to the phone you want to track is required. You need to install and use Easy Phone Track by number monitoring software on a device that you own or on a device for which you have written permission from the owner, to do this. You need to inform anyone who uses a device that has installed our application that their Internet and phone activity is being monitored and archived. Installing monitoring software on mobile devices that you do not own or for which you do not have proper authorization, might be considered illegal by federal or state laws. You need to be aware that, if you use Easy Phone Track by number illegally, we will fully cooperate with the authorities in any related investigation that involves us.
Easy Phone Track by number must not be used for stalking or harassing anyone. Easy Phone Track by number must not be used to monitor the private life of other adults or children over 18, without their written consent. You must purchase and use the application only after you read and understood the relevant legislation in your state/country.
During the install you have the option to subscribe or not to our newsletter. We send only important release information, we don't give your e-mail to any marketing company or spammers. You may choose to unsubscribe at any time in the bottom of such e-mail or by writing to our technical support. In this case you will not receive any e-mails.
We may use your registered e-mail in case we need to communicate with you for technical or payment issues, this is why we strongly recommend to use a real e-mail address and also to use the same registered e-mail address for the communication with our technical support.


We endorse a policy of total privacy and confidentiality of customer’s databases and we will never sell information about our customers to other parties that would advertise their products or services. By installing our application on a phone, you are expressing your consent of collecting information from that smartphone (Android / iPhone / iPad) and uploading the information to our servers. Easy Phone Track by number does not collect any additional information from your device, other than those required by its successful operation. This will not be public and it will be available for you only if you login with the username and password used when registering the phone.
Data we collect:
1. Account data such as:
- registered e-mail address;
- encrypted account password. We remind you that we do NOT store any password without encrypting them.
2. Target device information (logs and phone information) such as:
- name or model of the target device;
- Android/iOS operating system (OS) version of the target device;
- Easy Phone Track by number version on the target device;
- Google account from the target device (Android OS only);
- phone number from the target device (Android OS only);
- GPS logs (date, time, latitude and longitude including on a map);
- SMS messages logs (date, time, contact and GPS location);
- MMS messages logs (date, time, contact, GPS location and received picture if available);
- Phone call logs (date, time, contact and GPS location);
- Call recording (audio recording of phone call logs if included in subscription, Android OS only);
- Whatsapp logs (date, time, contact, message content and call history notifications);
- Facebook logs (date, time, contact, message content, call history notifications and Facebook notifications);
- Twitter logs (date, time, contact, message content and Twitter notifications);
- SnapChat messages logs (date, time, contact, message content);
- Viber logs (date, time, contact, message content and call history notifications);
- Skype logs (date, time, contact, message content and call history notifications);
- Line logs (date, time, contact and message content);
- Kik logs (date, time, contact and message content);
- Tango logs (date, time, contact and message content);
- Hangouts logs (date, time, contact and message content);
- WeChat logs (date, time, contact and message content);
- BBM logs (date, time, contact and message content);
- VK logs (date, time, contact and message content);
- picture logs (date, time, pictures from target phone gallery or any downloaded pictures from social media applications or browser);
- video logs (date, time, a selection of pictures from the specific video from the target phone gallery or downloaded from social media applications or browser);
- browser activity (date, time and URL address of the accessed website);
- contact logs (name and phone number of registered contacts);
- surroundings logs (ambient audio recordings) with date and time. In order to use this feature a SMS command must be used prior;
- Wi-Fi connection, disconnection or re-connection information with date, time and setting name;
- Mobile Internet connection/disconnection information with date and time;
- system logs such as charging date and time, start/restart/shut down target device information with date and time;
- account remote control such as block website (by URL or key word), block phone number (for SMS messages or/and phone calls), block applications installed on the target device (Android OS only);
- SMS commands such as surroundings (audio recording with date and time), GPS restart and track location, Wi-Fi start/restart/stop, mobile internet start/restart/stop, set to silent/normal/vibrate, start alarm, take picture for front camera or/and back camera, full list of installed applications, full list of contacts, restart settings, lock device and remote wipe (some commands are available only for Android OS, other commands depend on the Android OS version and device's technical specifications).
On some devices some specific data may not be extracted at all due to technical specifications of the device and/or the OS. These data may be incomplete in the above list due to a new version release. Please check it with our technical support.
3. Billing information you provide in case you buy a subscription. We need these data for accounting and tax purposes. We are collecting strictly data we need such as:
- name and surname of the user who is buying the subscription or the company name;
- full address (street name, number, ZIP code, city and country);
- company VAT number (optional, only if you buy it on a company and use the European Union's VIES system) (European Union clients only);
- VAT rate and cost generated automatically (European Union clients only);
- invoice ID generated automatically (European Union clients only);
- IP address;
- date and time of purchase;
- subscription option and total costs (subscription cost, VAT amount and total);
- payment fee;
- payment gate.
Additionally to this we have access to some user information from the payment gate (name, surname, address, e-mail contact, payment date, subscription option, total cost, payment fee and payment ID). We do NOT collect any passwords or credit/debit card numbers as we do NOT process any payments.
All PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy.
We have highly secured servers and we do NOT provide your data to anyone without a legal reason.

If you want to use your right to erasure you must uninstall the application from target device and after delete your account and unsubscribe from our newsletter.
However, we can not delete your billing information because we need it for accounting purposes. We reserve the right to delete the accounts of users who violate our Terms of service and to provide their information on request to the relevant parties such as in the next cases:
1. In case of unauthorized use of our application we will collaborate with the authorities and the victim. We will provide all your personal information, including billing information. Please do NOT use our application for illegal purposes even on your family and/or close friends.
2. In case of a charge-back, especially a fraudulent payment, we will collaborate with the third-part involved (payment gate, Visa/Master card company, bank issuing the credit/debit card) and may provide account and billing information. In such cases we may block your account and it can not be unblocked at any time. Please make sure you use your credit/debit card only or your PayPal account.
3. In case you delete target device and/or account we are storing your target device ID and name and your account ID and registered email address. This action is done in order for us to be able to provide you the free trial period of 3 days, otherwise you'll not be able to test the application before buying a subscription which is against our policy. We can delete this information if you express your desire to use the right to be forgotten explicitly by written to our technical support.

You have access to your data on your account during subscription period. GPS logs are available all the time if the application is installed and GPS receiver is ON on the target device.
If an account or a device is not used for more than 30 days it may be deleted. You can ask our technical support at any time to restore account and devices but once your logs are deleted we can not restore them.
You have the right to save your data on your computer during subscription period. We strongly recommend to use it in order to avoid data loses. In order to save logs, you must use the export option. In this case your logs will be exported as PDF files. In order to save your audio and picture files you must download it one by one.

Our servers are highly secured and we work permanently to check and improve all security processes and services we have. However, in case of a data breach we will inform you on your registered e-mail and we'll contact the responsible Commissioner for Personal Data Protection during 72 hours.


Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your web browser by our website.
We use cookies for a faster, safer and better users' navigation on our website. We can not identify you by using cookies, we use them in order to provide you the best internet navigation on our website. Next we'll describe cookies use purposes:
1. Login or authentication
We use cookies in order to identify if you are logged in or not when on our website. We do not store your login information during this process, as your personal data is encrypted at this point. This makes your navigation through our website easier and you have access to information available only when you are logged in.
2. Data and website security
We use cookies in order to make sure your account data is highly secured.
3. Website features and performance
We use cookies in order to enable different features on our website. The website performance also is connected to cookies. By doing this your navigation will be easier and faster wherever you are and whatever device you use to enter our website.
4. Analytic and research
We use cookies in order to analyze our users needs, and to always improve our websites and mobile application.
5. Third-party marketing
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By continuing using and navigating our website you automatically agree on our Cookies policy. Our Cookies policy agreement is valid for up to 12 months when it will be renewed. You always have the option to op-out from the use of cookies by deleting or rejecting all the cookies or some of them from your browser settings or from your smartphone operating system (OS) settings as following:
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For any technical issue with our software, please contact us using the contact e-mail [email protected] (or the contact form on our website) or the support tickets from your account when you are logged in and we will work together in correcting or fixing those problems. If we won’t find a satisfactory solution and the application is proven to be defective, we will issue a refund. Otherwise, we won’t issue a refund just for changing your mind or not collaborating with our technical support.
We won’t issue a refund if you are buying a subscription and you do not have unrestricted physical access to the monitored phone. For a properly use the person needs to have unrestricted physical access to the monitored device. The user must be able to access the device anytime, while the device is in his possession and needs to have all login credentials/ passwords or codes to gain access to the device. If you are using the software for unintended purposes or we find ourselves threatened, we held the right to refund your purchase and stop any service and collaboration
Also please keep in mind that we can not refund for any external issue. For example we can not refund if you do not have ROOT, you do not have iCloud activated, the application was uninstalled, the phone is not connected to the internet or the device was lost or broken.
By buying a subscription the application will not be installed automatically. This is in your responsibility to check if the application is still installed, to install it and to make sure it is connected to Internet in order for the logs upload to be made.


The software you may buy from us is distributed and licensed on a “status quo” basis. We are not offering any kind of guarantees regarding the software’s performance / reliability or suitability for any given tasks / features.
We are not guaranteeing that the application (Easy Phone Track by number), the website (https://easyphonetrack.com) or its content and features will run without problems/ errors or discontinuity or that the mobile software will perform at the same standards on different mobile devices. The overall performance of the product is closely related to the performance of the device on which it is installed. We offer you the possibility to test our product for free (for Android /iOS devices), so you can decide if it meets your expectations.
The information published on this site is subject to changes without further notice. We will not be held accountable for any data loss or for any kind of damages that might result from the use of our product.
Before installing our software, please document yourself about the relevant legislation. You should be aware about the fact that installing surveillance software on a device which you do not own or do not have proper authorization to install and monitoring the activities of other individuals are considered illegal and an offense in most countries. You must notify the user of the mobile device that it is being monitored and ask for his declared consent, before proceeding with the installation. The use of this software falls under the current relevant legislation and you are responsible for complying with such legislation.


The present software (Easy Phone Track by number) and all the related intellectual property rights (copyrights) are owned by MONAPP CALABS LIMITED. By buying subscription / subscriptions we grant you a limited, non-exclusive and revocable license to use it, in machine-readable, object code form only. This license specifies the authorized terms and conditions for using the software. This license does not grant you any ownership rights or any other legal share in the software.


This license allows you to install and use one copy of our application on one single mobile device that you own or for which you have a declared consent from the owner to install the software. If you want to install our application on other mobile devices, you need to purchase additional licenses, one license per each additional device. Under any circumstances you may not copy, adapt, translate, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, and attempt to derive the source code, modify or create derivative work of this software. You are directly responsible for preventing any unauthorized use, modification, reproduction, distribution or publication of the software.


You must be aware that installing surveillance software on a device which you do not own or do not have proper authorization to install and monitoring the activities of other individuals are considered illegal and an offense in most countries. You hereby agree to check and comply with all related laws in your own country and / or the country in which the phone monitoring will occur, before installing the software. It is your responsibility to comply with all the related laws in the country you will be using this software. By using this site (https://easyphonetrack.com) or by downloading / installing / running or using the present mobile software (for Android / iOS operating system) you also agree that you will not hold responsible in any way any representative (owner, operator, employee) of our website/application, from any type of damage or legal problem that might result from using our product. It is solely your responsibility to follow all federal or local laws that governs the use of this type of software. It is the end user's responsibility to comply with the related legislation in his country. By downloading and using Easy Phone Track by number, you hereby agree to all the above terms and you agree that will use the application only for legal purposes. All the data / information collected by Easy Phone Track by number cannot be used in a court of law.


You can record the phone calls or surroundings only if you comply with all related laws in your own country and / or the country in which the phone monitoring will occur. In some countries it is legal to monitor the phones of children in the parental control process. If you want to monitor your employees or your spouse you are bound to inform them that their activities are being recorded, monitored and archived.
The US federal law allows recording of phone calls with the consent of at least one party involved in the call. In this case, if our software is installed on your own phone, you can choose to record only the microphone without headset/speaker. Several states as Pennsylvania, Nevada, California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, Maryland and Washington require the consent of all parties involved in the conversation. You can record surrounding or remote control the mobile device, using Easy Phone Track by number, only as parental control solution or to recover your phone from theft or loss.
It is your responsibility to check and comply with all related laws in your own country and / or the country in which the phone monitoring will occur, before installing the software. You must notify the user of the mobile device that it is being tracked.


If any term or provision of this Agreement is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or otherwise unenforceable, the same shall not affect the other terms or provisions hereof or the whole of this Agreement and it will remain in full force and effect as if the invalid or unenforceable term was never included.


The trademarks such as: Google, Android, Apple, iOS, Samsung, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Viber, Line, Tango, Twitter, SnapChat, Hangouts, Kik, SnapChat, VK, BBM, WeChat do not belong to us and are not our property. Our only trademark is Easy Phone Track by number.

Personal Data Protection contact

If you have any questions related to Personal Data Protection or any other part from these Terms of service, please write to our technical support or directly to [email protected]
If you feel we haven't clarified how we use your personal data on our website, you also have the right to contact directly the supervisor authority - the Office of the Personal Data Protection Commissioner. Find on their website how is better for you to contact them: http://www.dataprotection.gov.cy

Last update on 5th of May 2018.