Frequently Asked Questions

For devices with Android operating system, you need to enable first "Allow installation of non-Market application" feature on the phone you want to track by going to Phone Settings and selecting Security - Applications and Unknown sources. After doing this, you just have to download the application from our website, install it on the phone and register your account using an email address and a password. If you need more information please check this article Install on Android

If you want to install our application on devices with iOS operating system, you need to Jailbreak the device. If your device is jailbroken, you can install our app by using Cydia or iFile. You can find more information on this article Install on iOS.

Easy Phone Track does not track phone numbers, it tracks devices. If you want to track another device, you just need to install our application on it. During the installation process you will have to use the same email address and password, like you did the first time. This way, you will have all the tracked phones registered under the same account.

Our application can be uninstalled like any other app. You only need to go to Phone Settings, select Applications, Manage applications, search for Easy Phone Track, select it and then choose Uninstall.

If you want to prevent anyone from uninstalling the application from a specific phone, you need to enable the Administrator Rights by dialing the code #123456#.

If you closed the application, you can always reopen it by dialing the code #12345678# (for Android) or *#12345678 (for iOS) and then pressing the Call button.

All your logs can be checked just by logging in to your account with your currently registered email address and password.

If you want to delete the existing log files, please log in to our website and access the Account section from the left side menu. Go to Settings and then click on the Delete tab. Here, you can click on the Delete logs button to completely delete your logs for the specified phone. Please note that, once you perform this action, all the logs will be completely lost.

If you want to add a new phone, all you have to do is to install a copy of our application on that phone. Please keep in mind that you have to use the same email address and password that were used the first time. This way you will have all the information from your tracked phones under your account.

If you want to remove a phone from your account, please log in to our website with your email and password, select the Account section and click on Settings. Go to the Delete tab and click on the button called Delete Phone located at the right of the phone you want to delete.

Forgot your password? No worries, it happens to every one of us. Click here: Recover Password and enter the email address you have used to register and we will send you an email with a link to reset your password. If you need more information, check this article Password reset

Changing your email address is a very simple process. Within our website, you just need to go to the Account section and then select Settings. From the account settings page go to the Email change tab and type your new email address. Please keep in mind that, once you have changed your email address, it will be the one you will have to use to log in to your account.

If you really want to delete your account please log in to our website with your email and password, go to Account section, click on Settings, select the Delete tab and click on the Delete account button. Please take into consideration that, once you delete your account, every log file will be also deleted thus not allowing you to have access anymore to those details.

You can test our application for free. If our application meets your expectations you can purchase it. The price for 1 device / 1 year (full subscription) is $120.00.

You can make a payment directly through your account. Just go to Make Payment, within the Account section and click on Buy now. Select the phone for which you want to make the payment and proceed to checkout.

Every payment you make should be automatically validated. If something went wrong during the process and your payment has not been validated, please contact us http://easyphonetrack.com/contact and provide us the details regarding the email address you have used, the payment system and the transaction ID so we can verify it.

We use the trusted and secure Paypal system. Your payment is validated almost immediately, but in case that your phone status is still invalid, please contact support.

Unfortunately you cannot pay cash for a subscription, directly to us. Nonetheless, you could add the money into your PayPal account and pay from there.