ROOT info

Information about ROOT

Easy Phone Track by number is an amazing instrument that helps you monitor a big range of applications. Some of them, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Line or Viber, can’t be tracked because of some limitations made by Android, for security reasons.

If it is important to you and you really want to track the messages from these applications, there is a solution: to get Root Access to your phone, a process called rooting.

Rooting is a reversible process that helps you gain access to all phone’s operating system. It would help you get full control of your phone, you would be able to install applications that require root access, you could delete default applications and, let’s say, you would be able to enjoy our application with all the features.

If you decide to root your phone, we can’t root your phone for you, but we recommend you to check on search engines the procedure and programs for rooting. It’s important also for you to know that the root process doesn't harm your phone but may lead to loss of the manufacturer's warranty.