WhatsApp without ROOT

Easy Phone Track by number - WhatsApp without ROOT

To record messages from some applications you would need to have ROOT access. For WhatsApp we’ve made things easier so you can track WhatsApp messages without ROOT. For this you would need a device running Android 4.0 or a higher version, a computer running Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 with Internet Connection and also USB Drivers that are provided by your mobile phone manufacturer.

It these requirements are met, you would need to proceed with these actions:
1. Download ADB drivers on your computer. Here is the link from the file ADB download. You must click on Download button and save the file on a location on your computer.
2. Download EasyPhoneTrackExtract on your computer by clicking on Download button and save the file on a location on your computer.
If you are experiencing issues and can't extract the key then you can try with EasyPhoneTrackExtract - Safe mode
3. Extract the files from the archive EasyPhoneTrackExtract you previously downloaded
4. Open ADB drivers file you downloaded and select Run. This will open a window that will ask you to confirm the installation by typing Y and Enter. It will activate Device Driver Installation Wizard. Here you will be guided to install the ADB drivers.
5. Go to your phone’s menu and enter Settings menu, go to More and Developer options and enable this tab. Check the USB Debugging box and press OK.
6. Connect your phone to your computer by using an USB cable. If this is your first connection with the computer you will need to confirm a fingerprint.
7. Access the EasyPhoneTrackExtract folder and open the file extract.bat - Run as administrator. This should open a window on your phone’s screen. Leave blank the password field and click on "Back up my data" option. The file key.txt from the backup will be transferred to the phone.
8. Wait for 24 h for your logs to appear on your account.

If you’re experiencing issues during these steps, you can check our F.A.Q. page.
If this won’t help you, please contact us.