F.A.Q. Whatsapp without ROOT

WhatsApp without ROOT- Questions and Answers

If you experienced issues during the process of configuring WhatsApp without ROOT, here is a list of most common errors that were encountered and possible solutions. Please take note that this method for tracking the WhatsApp without ROOT works only on phones with Android versions higher than 4.0. You can check the version on Phone’s Settings menu, on More - Android version.

Q: Whatsapp logs are updated only once per day
A: If the target phone doesn’t have root access, the logs are updated daily. If needed, you can manually backup WhatsApp messages. For this you just have to open WhatsApp on the tracked phone and go to Options. From here you have to go to Settings and Chat Settings. Choose Backup conversations.

Q: I still can’t see the WhatsApp messages
A: Please check if the file called key.txt file was copied on your phone. Open a File Manager from the phone, go to All files, enter Device Storage, WhatsApp and Databases. Here check if you can find the file. If not, it means that the file key.txt was not automatically copied. You need to copy the file manually. Connect your phone to your PC by an USB cable. Locate the file key.txt on your computer, on the EasyPhoneTrackExtract folder and copy it to the phone. For this go to Start, select Computer and choose Portable Devices, select Phone and WhatsApp and Databases and copy the file here.

Q: I cannot see any new WhatsApp log
A: Please log in to our website with your email and password and go to Social Menu and select WhatsApp. If you see a notification saying “The key.txt file has changed. Please copy again this file to the phone”, this means that the key was changed. In this case you should repeat the actions for configuring WhatsApp without ROOT

Q: I can’t find Developer options
A: Some phones don’t have this option enabled. Please go to phone’s Menu, on Settings, choose More and select About device. Click on the Build number several times (about 7 times). From this moment the Developer options should be enabled.

Q: My PC did not detect my phone when connecting with the USB cable
A: It can be a problem about missing USB drivers. Download and install on your PC the USB drivers corresponding to your mobile phone. You can search them on manufacturers’ websites. Also if you have a Sony you may also need to change a setting from Settings, Xperia on Connectivity, USB connection mode and MSC or MTP.

Q: The “Back up my data” option is not available
A: If this option is not available, try to unplug the USB cable and reboot the phone. Now reconnect the phone with your PC via USB cable and repeat the procedure. This should open a window on your phone’s screen. Leave blank the password field and click on "Back up my data" option. The file key.txt from the backup will be transferred to the phone. If this issue persists it might be possible that the USB backup feature to be disabled by your manufacturer and you will need to ROOT the device.

Q: WhatsAppKeyExtract displays an error
A: Most probably you don’t have Java installed on your computer and, by default, Java will automatically start the installation procedure. If the installation process does not start automatically, please manually install Java from the folder EasyPhoneTrackExtract. In the subfolder called bin you will find the jxpiinstall.exe file. Open it and let java be installed.

Q: Java doesn’t stop from installing
A: Please stop the current process and try to manually install Java from EasyPhoneTrackExtract folder, on bin subfolder. The file is called jxpiinstall.exe. Please install Java on the default folder; otherwise you can be stuck in a loop. If you can’t manage to stop this process, please contact us.

Q: I use Windows 8.1 and problems occur
A: If you’re using Windows 8.1 you might experience some problems. In order to solve these issues please download and install the following update KB2917929 for your Windows 8.1