Surroundings recording procedure

Quick guide surroundings recording procedure

Easy Phone Track by number allows to the users to record surroundings (ambient sound) through the Live control commands.
This means that you can activate this process from remotely and the audio files will be automatically uploaded on your account.

What is the procedure?

First step:

Send a common SMS text message from your mobile to the device on which you have installed Easy Phone Track by number software that will contain the associated command for starting the surroundings recording process.

• Don’t you know which are the standard Live control SMS commands?
They are listed at the following address: Standard commands

• Are the standard commands hard to remember for you?
Then you can change them with some customized ones: Custom commands

Second step

(this step is not mandatory)

Easy Phone Track by number will keep active the recording process for 5, 10 or 15 minutes depending on what value you have set from your Dashboard => Account => Settings => Remote settings tab => Record audio time.
The ambient sound files generated will be uploaded to the servers when the next session for sending data is scheduled.
For a faster upload you can send a new command for restarting the Internet connection after about 20 minutes.

Final step

Use your dashboard and access the “Surroundings” category and there you will see listed all the ambient sounds recorded by Easy Phone Track by number.

Brief note
The recorded surroundings files can be played in 2 different ways:

a) Directly from your dashboard by selecting the “+” sign displayed next to each surroundings log*
VLC media player plugin is required to be installed for your current web browser

b) By downloading the audio files in your PC / Laptop / Smartphone or any other device*
Also we recommend using VLC media player for opening this kind of audio files