Knowledge base

ROOT info

Easy Phone Track is an amazing instrument that helps you monitor a big range of applications. Some of them, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Line or Viber, can’t be tracked because of some limitations

WhatsApp without ROOT

To record messages from some applications you would need to have ROOT access. For WhatsApp we’ve made things easier so you can track WhatsApp messages without ROOT

Password reset

If you forgot your password and you are unable to access your account, use these simple steps to reset it

Customize SMS comamnds

Controlling a phone using SMS commands has just become more easy and efficient. You can customize the commands according to your needs and preferences

App Blocking

With EasyPhoneTrack you can monitor applications installed on a phone. You can see which apps are running and you can block any if you want, directly from your account, without even having physical access to the phone

Phone numbers blocking

Sometimes, it can happen that you will receive unwanted phone calls or SMS from known contacts or unknown phone numbers. Or, what is even worse, your child could have conversations with inappropriate people

How to set Alerts

Would you like to be alerted once specific events will be triggered on the target phone? Our application allows you to set them for specific keywords or phone numbers.

What does Jailbreak mean?

Jailbreaking is the process of removing hardware restrictions on Apple’s operating system, on devices like iPhone and iPad. Jailbreaking allows