Facebook Tracking

The use of Facebook to get in touch with your friends and loved ones has been the perfect way to communicate for years now. Facebook was designed in a way that provides great social entertainment; however no one has been able to perfectly establish the act of Facebook tracking.


Apple’s iOS device location feature has been very popular since it’s unveiling. It lets you locate, and even track your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on your iCloud or through the web. If the device was recently on, it’s actually possible to see its location on a map as well as send a message to it or even securely erase its contents.


Your iPhone is really a great device that makes it easy to upload videos to iCloud very easily. For video lovers, syncing videos from the phone to cloud storage is dream come true because this means that they never have to delete anything (literally). The only requirement of course, you need your Apple ID and password to log in.

Top Five Ways to Get The Most Out Of iCloud

We’ve been enjoying the coveted iCloud storage system for almost a year now. Obviously your favorite iCloud features include free 5GB storage and photo syncing. The ability to be able to access all your stuff no matter what Apple device you’re using is convenient as well as amazing.

The Best iCloud Features

iCloud is one of the biggest giant steps Apple has taken from its previous Cloud efforts such as MobileME. All iCloud features work automatically, effortlessly and seamlessly this giving the Cloud storage more pluses than minuses. One of the most requested features over the past several years has been iTunes in the Cloud.


Syncing your information from different devices basically means that all the contents of your connected will become the same. After a sync operation, regardless of the content disparity between two devices, the content of both devices will be identical.


Data security is pivotal for most computer users-as information can be hard to replace and potentially be dangerous if it falls into the wrong set of hands. When using cloud storage, it’s important to be confident that your data and/ or information won’t be subjected to hacking or malware infection.


Microsoft’s journey has been long and becoming. What we knew of windows 7 has been long gone and lives in the shadow of windows 8 and 10. Technology in general has shown the world changes that we could never fathom. Windows 10 familiarity and user friendliness makes a clear cut difference in different operating system versions.

New iCloud Specifications That Are Making All the Difference

By now, it’s clear that Apple in the provision of cloud services. Ever since the unveiling of iCloud; document and data syncing as we know it has incredibly changed. iCloud has turned into a new storage solution. The cost, set up and integration with other devices has made the use and experience seamless. But it doesn’t stop there-Apple has found the need to upgrade the already efficient cloud storage system in efforts to make it better.