Whatsapp tracker

Today, in the era of communications and with all these risks regarding our children, monitoring their activity is a must. Whatsapp is maybe the most used application for messages on mobile phones worldwide. We all know teenagers are at the age of getting to know the world and chatting is a thing to do at this age. Nowadays, the smart control on them is everything, so a phone tracker app is everything in being a parent. Being a parent is being a friend to your children, but also you have to keep them from harm's way. We’ve all been teenagers and we know what it is like, but we are also adults and we know all the risks.

Easy Phone Track by number is a phone tracker application and one of the features is Whatsapp tracker. Using this application you will know next information:
- All the chat conversations (even the group chats);
- Logs of calls;
- You’ll be able to see all the photos sent or received using Whatsapp.

For iOS system we have even a NON-Jailbroken application version, iCloud Monitoring. Using this version you will be able to monitor your children’s activity knowing just the iCloud email address and password for the target device - Tracking Whatsapp without Jailbreak

This application is the perfect Whatsapp tracker regardless if you have an Android or an iOS device for your child.

Whatsapp tracking on Android can be done with or without Root. To track Whatsapp without root, you just need to enable notification access and accessibility access when you install the app.

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