What does Jailbreak mean?

What does Jailbreak mean?

Jailbreaking is the process of removing hardware restrictions on Apple’s operating system, on devices like iPhone and iPad. Jailbreaking allows root access to the file system and manager, allowing the download of additional applications, extensions and themes that are unavailable through the official Apple store, due to security reasons.

This is the case of Easy Phone Track by number and other tracking applications that need this root access to be installed and functional.

Jailbreaking methods

We would like to warn you that the process of Jailbreaking is not supported by Apple and it could lead to losing your warranty, also it could make your device unstable. Choosing to Jailbreak your device is done at your own risk.

Although the Jailbreak procedure can lead to loosing warranty, it is completely reversible by updating to the latest iOS version or restoring to factory settings. If the Jailbreak is reversed our application could not be operational and you would need to Jailbreak the device and reinstall Easy Phone Track by number.