How to set Alerts

Quick guide - How to set Alerts

Would you like to be alerted once specific events will be triggered on the target phone? Our application allows you to set them for specific keywords or phone numbers.

Please follow these steps to set the alerts:
1. Login to your account, go to Phones menu from the left side pane
2. Select the phone for which you want to modify the settings
3. Click on Alerts
4. Click on the Add alert button
5. Type the alert criteria using a phone number or a keyword (e.g. 0645554324 or drugs)
6. Within the same prompt window, you can click on Add another alert if you wish to add more alerts at the same time
7. After adding the alerts, you need to click on the Confirm button
8. After the alerts have been added, from the Alerts main screen, if you decide that you no longer want them there, next to each alert there is a Remove button that will help you to delete it.


- The alerts logs will be uploaded once every 24 hours.
- You will receive notifications about the set alerts on your registered email address. If you no longer want to receive these notifications, please use the Unsubscribe option.