iCloud Ps and Qs

On iCloud it’s a rarity to not find what you are looking for. As it safely stores both media and non-media files online, the service superbly suits users with versatile needs.

iCloud Pros and Cons

iCloud has taken over our digital lives with a storm. The integration of Macs and iOS devices, and promising immediate access to files, websites, media and just about anything else we need has given us the hope of a virtual storage system like no other.

iCloud and iOS 9

iOS 9 has shown us great potential as a bona fide office work device. However, the new operating system is focused on multi-tasking features. It is everything that represents Apple’s version for the future.


To get the most out of iCloud, it’s important to understand all the relevant system requirements as the idea behind the brand new storage system is to be able to access all your stuff no matter what Apple device you’re using.

Dropbox vs iCloud

Nowadays, all of our important stuff is stored on the Cloud- you name it; from music to movies and emails to invoices.

Backing up on iCloud

Signing up for iCloud comes with so many advantages such as a large storage capacity, quick work in regards to backing up your files, restoring your device anytime you lose important data, easily signing in over a Wi-Fi connection and sure iCloud monitoring option for your children.


A couple of years ago, the Internet made its debut in unimaginable ways. We didn’t think that the computer could so quickly become the digital lab of our lives.