Twitter tracker

Twitter tracker

Twitter is an ultra-popular micro-blogging social media network loved by kids and adults alike. There are about 100 million of daily active Twitter users and your child might be one of them. Installing a Twitter tracker, like Easy Phone Track by number, will help you ensure your kids’ safety in case they use this app.

3 Reasons Parents Need a Twitter Tracker

There are quite a few reasons for parents to track Twitter accounts of their children. The most important of them are:

1. Stop the kids spreading private information.
Children can be quite irresponsible with their Tweets, so you need to control them in order to make sure they don’t spread any sensitive information about themselves. You also need to keep an eye on the account settings to ensure that the kid’s posts aren’t public.

2. Control hero worship.
Twitter is one of the main promo tools used by celebrities, so tracking Twitter account of your child may help you notice if they get too obsessed with following their idol. Hero worship isn’t bad by default, but quite often it gets out of control and can affect your child’s psyche. Easy Phone Track by number will allow you to monitor the child’s level of ‘obsession’ so that you can take action when necessary.

3. Educating children on the safe way to use social media.
Control is a necessary part of education, so installing Easy Phone Track by number to monitor your child’s activity is a smart thing to do. You need to know when your kids make mistakes so that you can correct them and explain why some actions, for example, tweeting personal information, are unacceptable.

Easy Phone Track by number is not a phone hack and it doesn’t rob your children off their privacy. This application helps you keep the kids safe and guide them during their first experiences with social media. Use the information collected by the program to teach your child responsibility and both of you will be happy with it.

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