Hangouts tracker

Hangouts tracker

The statistics on online crime against minors are frightening to say the least 77% of online sexual predators’ victims are under the age of 14, while one teenager in 3 has been subjected to some form of cyberbullying. Considering these facts, installing a Hangouts tracker on your child’s smartphone definitely is the sensible thing to do as this messenger app is as vulnerable to these cyber-attacks as Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, and Kik.

A reliable Hangouts tracker, like Easy Phone Track by number, provides your children with comprehensive protection because it grants you the ability to monitor all their communications. In the vast majority of cases, kids just don’t know better, so they may accidentally contact someone dangerous. Tracking Hangouts logs will alert you to this, so you will be able to solve the problem right away and prevent a tragedy.

Don’t worry if you aren’t tech-savvy as using Easy Phone Track by number is so easy, anyone can master it in under an hour. This is how you should go about this:

1. Access the Easy Phone Track by number website.
2. Download the install the program on the target device
3. Set up an account (step-by-step instructions provided).
4. Use your login and password to access your account from any device connected to the Internet and monitor all the activity on the target gadget.

Easy Phone Track by number has other helpful features aside from tracking Hangouts logs, so take your time studying their descriptions to learn what else this app can do for you.

Some parents think that installing apps like this is too much because they are ‘technically’ invading children’s privacy. However, you need to understand that less than 10% of kids tell their parents that they experienced some kind of online abuse. A small breach of privacy isn’t a high price to pay for a chance to ensure your child doesn’t suffer from this. If something untoward does happen, monitoring the gadget through Easy Phone Track by number will let you know and you can decide how to best deal with the problem.

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