Viber tracker

Viber tracker

Installing a Viber tracker on your own, your children’s or your employees’ phones will allow you to see the evidence of all calls (without recordings) and messages made through this app. Viber is extremely popular with over 200 million actively using it for making calls on a regular basis. Therefore, tracking Viber logs is essential if you want to be informed of someone’s communications.

Easy Phone Track, an app that offers a Viber tracker feature will allow you to assess these logs from any device connected to the Internet. To do this, you will need to take the following steps:

Install Easy Phone Track.
You can download it online. There is a version available for both iOS and Android phones. Note that you will need to inform your employees before installing the app.

Register your account.
This can be done by accessing the Easy Phone Tack website. Detailed instructions will be provided.

Login on the website and start monitoring.
With your account registered, you will be able to log in from any gadget connected to the Internet. Therefore, you will be able to track Viber logs regardless of how far away you are from the target device.

Why you should install a Viber Tracker

Do you think that tracking Viber messages is too much?

It isn’t as hundreds of crimes are committed through this messenger app every day. From cyberbullies to sexual predators, there are all kinds of nasty people who use this app to blackmail or otherwise harass innocent users. The vast majority of their victims are children who just don’t know any better and are too scared to ask their parents for help.

Install Easy Phone Track today to ensure your children and other family members are safe from these criminals. Use the log records to prove any crime committed through Viber, and monitor your employees’ Viber messages to make sure they don’t spread any sensitive information or harass one another. This Viber tracking app is not a phone hack. It’s a program created to ensure your safety.

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