iPhone Tracker

iPhone tracker is an application that tracks phone calls, GPS, text messages and web activity on your child’s phone. It is also an application that employers can use to monitor their employees to ensure that they are on the straight and narrow.

Just like Easy Phone Track, iPhone tracker keeps track of everything on your smartphone. It keeps track of all outgoing and incoming phone calls including the date and times that the entire calls were made. iPhone tracker will also keep track of websites visited including the website address and the date and time that it was visited.

If you are worried about your child’s or your teen’s or I you are afraid that your child may access wrong material, exchange suspicious calls and texts or become a victim of bullying harassment-iPhone tracker will certainly come in handy.

Installing iPhone tracker

1. Authorize physical access to your target cell phone
2. Install phone tracker
3. Go online to your iPhone tracker account and log in and you will see the active information the application is pulling up.


Text/SMS Logging

iPhone tracker records every text sent to and from the iPhone.

Access phone book

You can track all the contacts stored in the phone book of your iPhone.

GPS Tracking

iPhone trackereasily displays various coordinates of the monitored phone GPS location.

Photo tracking

iPhone tracker keeps a track of photos that are being sent or received in the phone.

URL tracking

iPhone tracker has found a way to save the browsing history of any site you visit. iPhone tracker also tracks social media avenues such as Whatsaap, Viber and Facebook messenger. Phone trackers such as Easy Phone Track also work effectively.