iCloud Monitoring – how to use guide

Cloud Monitoring is a very easy way to track any iOS device. The best thing about it is that there is no need to install anything and no need to Jailbreak your iOS device. Everything remains untouched and it is compatible with iOS 7.x, 8.x, 9.x and 10.x. All you’ll need are the iCloud email and password registered on the target device.
Before the whole process of adding an iOS device, be sure to prepare the device. Go on iCloud menu from the device’s settings and enable the iCloud backup and the rest of features, except Keychain and Family sharing.

In order to add a device on your account you’ll need to register on http://easyphonetrack.com/icloud/register. The first email address and password will be used to login on http://easyphonetrack.com/parental_control/login and to see all the logs.

If you want to add a new iOS device to your account using iCloud Monitoring, you’ll need to go on the same registration page (http://easyphonetrack.com/icloud/register) and make sure to insert the same email address and password for your account and the new iCloud account.

Using iCloud Monitoring you’ll have access to next features:
-Text messages (SMS)
- Call history
- Safari history
- Whatsapp
- Viber
- Line
- Contact list
- Calendar
- Alerts
- Notes
- Bookmarks
- Free software updates

All the data is extracted once a day if the backup was made. This is why the device preparation is very important. When adding a new device, you’ll be able to do it for free and to check if the iCloud email address and password are correct. Just after the checking process you’ll need to pay in order to receive all the logs on your account. The subscription cost for one device is 40$ for one year.